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Proximity search doesn't highlight nor sometimes show matching text
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The search in the URL ("femminile di"~2) gives me this as top results:

Italiano Aggettivo, forma flessa flessa f sing singolare
3 KB (509 parole) - 17:01, 9 lug 2013

Italiano Aggettivo, forma flessa note f pl singolare plurale
12 KB (1 793 parole) - 18:53, 7 lug 2013

Italiano Aggettivo, forma flessa italiana f sing singolare
7 KB (1 098 parole) - 03:30, 9 lug 2013

Italiano Aggettivo, forma flessa derivate f pl singolare
4 KB (634 parole) - 13:45, 9 lug 2013

Italiano Aggettivo, forma flessa quella f sing femminile di quello
3 KB (499 parole) - 07:03, 8 lug 2013

All of them are correct pages, but the first 4 don't show the matching text in the snippet. Additionally, none of them is highlighted.

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This is known already (Bug: 54526) but I'm going to usurp this bug to write a work around that works for queries like yours.

Change 87177 had a related patch set uploaded by Manybubbles:
Tests for workaround of highlighting issue.

Change 87179 had a related patch set uploaded by Manybubbles:
Highlight both plain and stemmed fields.

Change 87177 merged by jenkins-bot:
Tests for workaround of highlighting issue.

So patch that I've pushed for this bug will highlight the result twice:
once with the strict matches that you get from a phrase match and one with the stemmed match you get without it. It'll take the stemmed match if there is one, otherwise it'll give you the strict match. The other bug (Bug 54526) is now officially for highlighting both matches all together.

Change 87179 merged by jenkins-bot:
Highlight both plain and stemmed fields.

This has been merged. It's an improvement but not a real fix. See Bug 54526 for the real fix.

Verified on itwiktionary with the provided query. That query, at least, has highlighting.