VisualEditor: Link tooltip is not updated if link inspector is not explicitly closed
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Germanjoe reports:
"A small (very small) bug: mouse display of links doesn't get actualized, when the editor leaves the small edit dialog to change links without pressing the "<" button (just by clicking somewhere else in the text the edit dialog closes aswell).

Example: change German to "German language|German" in some test article and leave the link editor without pressing "<". The mouse display should show "German language" as internal link info, but still shows "German". However, "German language|German" is correctly saved to the source text (just the display is wrong)."

Further testing shows that this can be demonstrated multiple ways. In all cases close the link input widget by clicking elsewhere on the editing surface, do not click < (that works as expected)

*Change "[[German]]" to "[[German language|German]]". Tooltip is "German" (expected "German language)
*Change "[[Welsh language]]" to "[[Welsh language literature|Welsh language]]". Tooltip is "Welsh language" (expected "Welsh language literatue")
*Change "French" to "[[French language|French]]". Tooltip is "French" (expected "French language")
*Change "Portuguese" to "[[Brazillian|Portuguese]]". Tooltip is "Portuguese" (expected "Brazillian")
*Change "Polish language" to "[[Polish Language Council|Polish language]]". Tooltip is "Polish language" (expected "Polish Language Council")

The tooltip is corrected as soon as one of the following actions happens:
*The link input widget is opened on that link again. Even if no changes are made and it is closed by clicking elsewhere.
*The link display text is amended on the editing surface, e.g. "[[Polish Language Council|Polish language]]" → "[[Polish Language Council|Polish informal language]]"
*Text is typed adjacent to either end of a link, e.g. [[Italian]] → [[Italian]]s
*Annotation is applied to the display text.

I've marked the severity as "trivial" because in all cases the correct target is displayed.

Version: unspecified
Severity: trivial



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