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Reported by: Anonymous user
Created on: 2005-07-28 14:38:50
Subject: partlyremove -cat:anything
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In our wiki we have several categories on each article.

If I want to remove a cat but want to have the rest to
stay as they are the current won't help. remove with cat=example1 would remove all
articles in example1.

Can you please add a function that all articles in a
special cat may have another cat removed.

So remove -cat:example1 would ask which cat
should be removed and then have that one be removed in
all retrieved pages.

Thanks in advance

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Or what do you think about this: remove -fromcat:cat1 -removecat:cat2

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The obvious solution is to separate the action from the page generator. Not something I will do right now, but it prompted me to review the general solution to make a page generator based on command line arguments.

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Please let us know if this feature request is still applicable to the current code. If no response is given, the feature request will be denied and the issue will be closed one month from now. This message was added in an effort to reduce the number of open issues on this project. Siebrand

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There is a need to be able to remove one category tag from all pages that are in some other category or one of a set of categories. For instance \[\[category:people\]\] or \[\[category:biography\]\] on many wikis fills rapidly with pages that belong in one of the subcategories. There needs to be a way to automatically remove the parent category from any page that is in the subcategories, leaving behind only the pages that have no existing subcategorization and need to be sorted manually.

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I agree with that last comment.

Request like "Remove from parent category articles which are already in one subcategory" are more and more common.

I have used several ugly hacks to do this, \(The only thing you need is the list of articles in both the parent cat and in one of its subcategories, so intersecting two outputs from \*will\* do, but... meh :\( \) so that would definitely be a nice script to have :\)

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