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Reported by: Anonymous user
Created on: 2012-06-30 17:48:33
Subject: doesn't support Global arguments
Original description: suggests can use global arguments such as -family: and -lang:

It doesn't and I feel this would be an improvement.

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Severity: normal
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Pywikipedia \[http\] trunk/pywikipedia \(r10432, 2012/06/30, 15:47:55\)
Python 2.7.3 \(default, Apr 10 2012, 23:31:26\) \[MSC v.1500 32 bit \(Intel\)\]
use\_api = True
use\_api\_login = True
unicode test: ok

The main documentation is the script itself, just run I've corrected that wrong part at mw. Nevertheless the option handling of archivebot should be adapted to the general standard of the other scripts and should also enable global options as well.

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Do I97b14b21f3c4c73183f85473926e0b204c4f1abd and Ia747df50b5736805b0cb1bbfdc2f5d1db180252a fix this bug? The former has been merged and the latter is waiting for review.

Change 101002 had a related patch set uploaded by Whym:
(bugzilla 55187) proper handling of command line args

Change 101002 merged by jenkins-bot:
(bug 55187) proper handling of command line args