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template with /doc subpage has problem
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Reported by: reza1615
Created on: 2011-10-24 03:23:28
Subject: template with /doc subpage has problem
Assigned to: xqt
Original description:
i came across a problom with templates that have /doc subpage. if some of interwikis don't have /doc it confuses and delete other interwikis

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  • summary: template with /doc subpage interwiki has problem --> template with /doc subpage has problem

this came from a wrong \(doc\)-subpage on vi-wiki which was not "official". vi-wiki has a documetation template too which uses /doc subpages. Somebody meant he had to localize it to a new form with \(doc\) ending \(I found only that example who gave the failure\). I repared it \[1\] and I guess it should work as expected. I also found interwiki links between doc strings from subpage to subpage and deleted them.


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I found duplicate interwiki links on /doc subpages for several sites: one for <includeonly>, one for <noinclude>. Pywikibot cannot handle this case. Normally this does not matter the bot. It should not lead to any subpage. Unfortunately fa-wiki uses a not documented subpage. I asked Amir for a comment.

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Could be a duplicate of Bug 54570 and Bug 55323

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