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{{Delete}} and #REDIRECT
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Originally from:
Reported by: jandudik
Created on: 2008-11-14 14:03:58
Subject: {{Delete}} and #REDIRECT
Original description:
There is some bug: redirect which contains \{\{delete\}\} template is counted as new possibility and causes bot to skip interwiki or to report page without interwiki.

I think, the best would be:

\[\[Article\]\] is marked for deleting: skipping

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
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Is this still valid and if so can someone provide a greater explanation of the issue.

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I guess this is still valid. It depends on the way \{\{delete\}\} templates are placed on the redirect. If it is in fron of the \#redirect tag that page is no longer recognized as a redirect page and pywikibot.Page.isredirect\(\) returns False.

I was able to reproduce it in wiktionary, put on the lowest based on really low frequency of happening

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IMO this should be a Page method, (probably not Page.isRedirect as that would create new bugs) which should check for templates which indicate the page is a fictitious redirect, including soft redirects.

API calls would still filter strictly on the database 'is redirect' flag, but scripts should start to use the new method to also check they are not about to modify a page which is effectively a redirect, but either temporarily isnt due to CSD, RFD, etc. or permanently isnt due to being a soft redirect.

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