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Reported by: purodha
Created on: 2007-06-03 13:26:17
Subject: -untranslatedonly -number:nn not intuitive
Original description: -untranslatedonly -number:nn -confirm

acts counterinuitively. I expect the be asked for nn groups of page hints, and that nn pages may be altered.

In fact, nn pages are being checked, and only those among them which match the -untranslatedonly criterion, are possibly altered. Only for those, hints are being asked from me. Their number is usually far less than nn, and may be even zero. I have to know, or guess, how many "-untranslatedonly" pages there are in a selection, given e.g. by -cat:cc, or -link:ll, etc., and how these are distributed, so as to find a decent value for nn, to avoid unneccessary loading of pages \(if I choose nn too high\) or a too short session \(if I choose nn too low\) which due to reprocessing the same call with a larger nn, again creates an unneccessary burden on the servers.

What I want with -untranslatedonly -number:nn -confirm, is to process exactly nn pages. I want to be asked about less pages only, if my selection has been exhausted before nn pages have been processed.

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Severity: enhancement
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oldest bug I've seen in pywikibot and still valid. 7 years!

-nn usually means number of pages that bot will work on not number of page that meet the criteria, I recommend that we make another option like -limitnumber that won't stop until number pages that changed is less than the number

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