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<bdo>, <q> and other elements are accepted in wikitext, but their attributes are not
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includes/Sanitizer.php currently includes, in lines 1520/1521:

  1. 8.2.4
  2. bdo

Maybe the intention was to not accept the <bdo> element? But then, in lines 399-403 there is:

$htmlnest = array( [...], 'bdo' );

The result is that the <bdo> element is accepted, but its "dir" attribute is dropped. This is not logical at all because the whole point of the <bdo> element is to specify a "dir" attribute. It is actually required in HTML5:

Version: 1.22.0
Severity: normal



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Entlinkt created this task.Oct 10 2013, 7:33 PM

Suggested solution: Change lines 1520/1521 to


'bdo' => $common,

There is more weird stuff happening. I hope the following is complete:

  • <bdo> accepts no attributes; should accept $common
  • <br> accepts just "id", "class", "title", "style" and "clear"; should accept $common and "clear" (not allowing some of these is an ancient HTML 4 restriction)
  • <q> accepts no attributes; should accept $common and "cite"
  • <span> accepts $block; should accept just $common (the difference is <span align="...">, which was never legal and doesn't work)
  • <wbr> accepts just "id", "class", "title" and "style"; should accept $common (restriction was apparently copied from <br>)

Patches accepted. :-) You can read [[mw:Gerrit]] for help.

Created attachment 13477
Proposed additions to and removals from the attribute whitelist

This is completely untested. I have never worked with the PHP code.


Bugzilla doesn't show the prose at the beginning of the .diff file, so here it is:

Bug 55582: Put the HTML attribute whitelist closer to HTML5

  • Add the global attributes to <bdo> and <q> and add "cite" to <q>. This is to make these elements actually usable: <bdo> needs a "dir" attribute to be useful for anything, and the whole point of <q> compared to hard-coded quotation marks is its support for the "lang" and "cite" attributes.
  • Drop the "align" attribute from <span> because it was never standards-compliant and does not work in browsers either, unless one constructs such unlikely things as <span align="center" style="display:block;">.
  • Drop the obsolete "char" and "charoff" attributes from <tr>, <td>, <th>. These have not been implemented in browsers anyway.
  • Drop the obsolete presentational attributes "align", "valign" and "width" from <colgroup>, <col>, <thead>, <tfoot> and <tbody>. These elements are currently not accepted in wikitext anyway, but removing these attributes from the whitelist ensures that they are not accidentally enabled in the future.
  • Drop the obsolete presentational attributes "noshade" and "size" from <hr>. They have been overridden by skin-specific CSS for a long time anyway.
  • Allow all global attributes on <br> and <wbr>. Not allowing "dir" and "lang" on <br> was a restriction in HTML 4.01, presumably copied to <wbr>, that has been lifted in HTML5. Allowing these may not be particularly useful, but simplifies the code.

Change 89384 had a related patch set uploaded by PleaseStand:
Put the HTML attribute whitelist closer to HTML5

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Change 89384 merged by jenkins-bot:
Put the HTML attribute whitelist closer to HTML5

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