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OAuth MediaWiki extension's app grant management form's "Allowed on wiki" input needs stricter input validation
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If I go to [[testwiki:Special:MWOAuthManageMyGrants/manage/72]] and enter "mediawiki" for the "Allowed on wiki" text input and press the "update grants" button, the form will accept the input.

If I return to [[testwiki:Special:MWOAuthManageMyGrants/proposed]], I see:

Allowed on wiki:


This is related to bug 55714 and 55703.

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Severity: normal
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If I enter "<b>wiki" for the "Allowed on wiki" field, the form successfully saves/submits, but then I get "Allowed on wiki: <b>" at [[testwiki:Special:MWOAuthManageMyGrants/proposed]].

This was already fixed in master

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This was already fixed in master

Thank you for fixing this. Please provide a reference when closing out bugs like this.