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Serialization of claim lists and snak lists for API and JSON need to support grouped and ungrouped forms.
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Currently, an entity's list of claims is in some cases represented as a flat list, and in other cases grouped by property ID. Similar confusion exists for the snak lists that make up qualifiers and references.

To resolve this:

  • There needs to be a serializer option for toggeling grouping (on different levels)
  • Unserializers need to support both forms everywhere
  • The overall JSON documentation needs to document both forms
  • API modules as well as Special:EntityData need to clearly document which form is used when, where and for what.
  • API modules may provide options to specify the desired output mode for claim lists and snak lists.

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Change 96268 had a related patch set uploaded by Addshore:
Add ungrouped list api parameter

Change 96268 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add ungrouped list api parameter

This parameter has now been removed in favour of always grouping by property