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the message that shows the number of sources for a statement seems to use PLURAL incorrectly
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A statement has a list of sources. When there is one source for a statement, then the Hebrew translation of the message that shows the number 1 before the word "source", which is incorrect - "1" must come after number and other numbers come before. I suspect that the message is "lego" - concatenating the number and the word "source" instead of using message functions to formulate it properly.


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You can translate [[translatewiki:MediaWiki:Wikibase-statementview-referencesheading-pendingcountersubject/he]] and [[translatewiki:MediaWiki:Wikibase-ui-pendingquantitycounter-nonpending/he]].

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I don't think this is a code issue either, doesn't look like lego to me.

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Sorry, no, it is very much an issue. Wikibase-statementview-referencesheading-pendingcountersubject is reused in Wikibase-ui-pendingquantitycounter-nonpending, and this makes it untranslatable to Hebrew, and possibly other languages.

It may seem counter-intuitive to programmers to repeat the same words in more than one message, but in localization this is OK.

You're right, it's like this:

wikibase-ui-pendingquantitycounter-nonpending and wikibase-ui-pendingquantitycounter-pending are basically called with

$1: wikibase-propertyedittool-counter-entrieslabel, $2: n, $3: "<span title="wikibase-propertyedittool-counter-pending-tooltip">wikibase-ui-pendingquantitycounter-pending-pendingsubpart</span>


$1: wikibase-statementview-referencesheading-pendingcountersubject, $2: n, $3: "<span title="wikibase-statementview-referencesheading-pendingcountertooltip">wikibase-ui-pendingquantitycounter-pending-pendingsubpart</span>

How would we best solve this? Is T72838 a duplicate of this?

Yes, T72838 is closely related and offers a solution.

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Change 281932 had a related patch set uploaded (by Adrian Heine):
Improve sitelinks and references counter messages

Change 281932 merged by jenkins-bot:
Improve sitelinks and references counter messages

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