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The arrow in [[Special:DoubleRedirects]] cannot be changed
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Author: assafkat

Hebrew is written at RTL, so the arrow need be ← instead →, and we cannot change it

Version: 1.6.x
Severity: minor
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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avarab wrote:

What arrow?

assafkat wrote:

The arrow at Special:DoubleRedirects page

gangleri wrote:

relates to all other RTL wiki's [[ar:]] [[fa:]] [[he:]] [[ur:]] [[yi:]]

Fixed in HEAD. The arrow can be changed at [[Mediawiki:doubleredirectsarrow]]
after the fix is applied to live version.

pablo wrote:

Not only the arrow, but the whole lines should be handled in a special way.

In LTR mode, lrm should be used, and in RTL mode, rlm should be used.

As it is now, if the redirect is with latin letter articles in an RTL wiki, the
display will be odd. Eg: if the chaining is A->B->C, it will
display visually as: A <- B <- C while it should be C <- B <- A (in RTL display)
the problem is similar to the one of the lists (recentchnges, imagelist, logs),
and it is that actually those are not just lines of text, but rather columns; eg:
the order should be preserved.
puting lrm or rlm (according to language display (not language of wiki) around
the arrows, should solve it I think

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