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Architecture review of GWToolset
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Please do architecture review of GWToolset

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At minimum I would like Aaron to take a look at the usage of UploadStash and the Job classes.

  • initial review date scheduled for friday, 2013-11-01
    • aaron had to cancel since he was not feeling well.
    • gergő tisza recommended separating exceptions representing user errors into a subclass, let other exceptions fall through to top level
    • aaron to add required mvp changes to the meeting etherpad
    • bryan davis to facilitate set-up of a new meeting with aaron if necessary
    • dan to flush out the high level design concept
  • during the review of
    • gergő mentioned a concern with the special page ajax handler using exit()
    • both bryan and gergő mentioned a concern about the need to swallow E_USER_NOTICE errors
    • dan to investigate using the api instead of the special page to handler ajax requests for the js save metadata mapping call.
  • 2013-07, aaron mentioned a concern about the potential file size of metadata files. he wants us to use the chunked uploads instead of uploading directly to the stash. he sees this as a blocker for phase 1 deploy.
    • working on a solution

after investigating/implementing the use of chunked uploads, i found that the api, would not allow us to upload .xml files. there may be another path that would allow us to do so, but after an irc chat with aaron and chris, they came up with idea to use a “secured/private” filebackend instead. aaron also recommended adding the possibility to download the metadata file from another domain rather than upload it from a local computer.

Closing this, as this has moved on to security review.

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