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ask if an article in another language will do
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Author: Gerard.meijssen

When a search ends in no result, the user can be asked to provide the term in another language. When the term in the article is found, it is asked if this is what was sought in the original language and the original search item is used as a label in the original language.


Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
Whiteboard: wikidata_integration_cirrus
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Gerard.meijssen wrote:

No they are not. The objective is to add labels in Wikidata. So it is in essence building a solution for the next person to come along who is looking for something. This is Wikidata based.


Wikidata wasn't mentioned before, and I don't see how this makes it "special" from the other reports I've linked to. Anyway, I'll leave this to devs.

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