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Unable to synchronize LDAP groups with spaces
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Author: jackofmosttrades0

Patch for translating Mediawiki groups names from underscores to spaces.

The SimpleSecurity extension allows administrators to create extra security groups for use on the wiki. For the most part, the LDAP authentication plugin sucessfully synchronizes LDAP group membership with any such groups created.

However, Mediawiki doesn't handle groups with spaces in their names, and (much as is the case for usernames) requires you to use underscores instead of spaces. Consequently, if an LDAP group has a space in the name, it cannot be synchronized to the corresponding mediawiki group.

The options seem to be either:

  1. not having spaces in LDAP user groups (not really an acceptable change for me)
  2. translating wiki group names with underscores into names with spaces (which would break things if the group names actually do have underscores in LDAP)

It could be that there's an option I've overlooked, but in order to solve this problem I patched the authentication module to do #2. My patch is below.

Version: master
Severity: minor




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