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Image display in lightbox is smaller than on on file: page
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view of photo in lightbox

I think part of the idea of using a popup lightbox instead of sending people to File: description pages is that we have the entire window available to show an image, with a lot less UI chrome around it.

However, I find that often the view in the lightbox is smaller than the preview I see on the file: page, and there's a lot of whitespace around the edges of the box.

See attached images comparing view in lightbox to existing view on file page.

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view of same photo on file page


Agreed. Depending on the aspect ratio of the image, this can also be true even comparing the thumb size in an _article_ vs. the size displayed in the image viewer. See:

Thanks, Brion and Erik. You make some excellent points, and your suggestions are well taken. We will work with our design team to make the images more prominent, and make the meta-data less prominent (e.g. moving it down below the image, where the user can scroll down if they want to read it).

where the user can scroll down if they want to read it

This would mean changing the structure of the lightbox interface again, but all right :)

I'd much prefer not messing with that, though - maybe pop up the metadata on a hover state, or with a click event, instead? i.e. put the metadata div down below, and pop it up over the image a little bit when it gets moused over?

Change 95081 had a related patch set uploaded by MarkTraceur:
Reorganize UI to be...way sexier.

Linked patch should do the trick, and generally makes everything better. Basically will cure your leprosy if you want it to. My gods.

See the latest on

Change 95081 merged by jenkins-bot:
Reorganize UI to be...way sexier.

Patch was merged a while ago - is there more work left to do here (if yes: please reset the bug report status to NEW or ASSIGNED), or can you close this ticket as RESOLVED FIXED?

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