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create a special page for instring search of titles specifying %nn values
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Author: gangleri


See bug 3819 comment 4

MediaWiki allows the generation of titles with heading and / or trailing
punctuation characters (which theoretically can be included also inside a title)


[[Special:Prefixindex]] as in allows to detect such
"nonsense" titles specifying the heading sequence.

This request is about creating a new special page similar to
[[Special:Allpages]] and [[Special:Prefixindex]] where "instring" search should
be possible.

Similar search is already possible in [[yi:Special:Newimages]] (in a limited way
see note at the end). Tray to serch for *ago*.

It should be possible to search like

Thanks in advance for all your work.

Best regards Reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

would not work
I can not see the URL generated by Special:Newimages .

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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gangleri wrote:

proposed workaround


I remember a spacial page available in previous versions used to detect pages
with typos, misspellings etc.

Would it be possible to activate that spacial page (if it still up to date -
compatible with the actual version) at [[:yi:]] and [[wiktionary:yi:]]

If this would work to detect the 5 control characters this feature could be
activated temporarely at other RTL wiki's as well.

Thanks for your support. Regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

gangleri wrote:

related to Ævar's comment from
bug 3984 comment 1

We're not going to allow searching for a substring anywhere in a string in the
log_user, log_title or log_comment fields in miser mode.

I fully understand that each search requires resources and the foundation must
decide what is reasonable and what not. However some tools should be avilable
allowing to detect upcomming problems, fraud, inconsistencies. The request of
this bug is related to the last.

gangleri wrote:

I found a painfull workaround:

Identify where you want to search (as [[wiktionary:yi:Special:Allpages]]). View
at the page source of that page and search with %nn. In our example %E2%80%A
will return many results. This covers 6 BiDi punctuation characters.

Another testcase where these characters are used is .

gangleri wrote:

I have been noticed at about . This
tool does not allow %nn searches but represents all Unicode characters in
&#nnnn; notation.


However I would prefer to have a tool inside MediaWiki.

robchur wrote:

This sort of specialist query is probably best suited to the toolserver.