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Add DOM support for {{DISPLAYTITLE:xxx}}
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Currently, …


… round-trips to …

<span about="#mwt1" typeof="mw:Transclusion" data-mw="{&quot;parts&quot;:[{&quot;template&quot;:{&quot;target&quot;:{&quot;wt&quot;:&quot; [[Main Page]]\n[[Category:&quot;,&quot;function&quot;:&quot;displaytitle&quot;},&quot;params&quot;:{},&quot;i&quot;:0}}]}" data-parsoid="{&quot;dsr&quot;:[7,37,null,null],&quot;pi&quot;:[[]]}"></span>

… which presumably is just fragments of another page's parse?

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I began looking into what might be needed to do this earlier, based on how defaultsort is handled (which seems to have needed a similar transclusion -> meta item change).

Looking at parsoid/lib/ext.core.TemplateHandler.js, specifically the check on[property.trim()]). It'd be nice to be able to simply check that the result is 'displaytitle' (how the code works for defaultsort), but it seems that won't work without making 'DISPLAYTITLE:' an alias of 'DISPLAYTITLE' in MediaWiki core?

Anyway this is all obviously best left for a Parsoid developer so I stopped there.

Change 138493 had a related patch set uploaded by Arlolra:
Add DOM support for {{DISPLAYTITLE}}

Change 138493 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add DOM support for {{DISPLAYTITLE}}

Change 138768 had a related patch set uploaded by Arlolra:
Rename page property to displaytitle

Change 138768 merged by jenkins-bot:
Rename page property to displaytitle