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Hotcat disapear in newpages
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Author: a.m.h.e.s

In newpages in, hotcat disapear, and anyone should put a category manuelly then the hotcat will be active.

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Severity: normal
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Hi ASammour,
unfortunately this report is not very useful because it does not describe the problem well. If you have time and can still reproduce the problem, please read and add a more useful description to this report. I'd love to have clear steps how to reproduce the problem that you see, basically a list of steps that I can follow (exact URLs etc.) so I get the same result shown.

a.m.h.e.s wrote:

Ok, sorry for that.
In newpages in, the hotcat gadget doesnt work, and everyone must add any category to the page (manually), then the hotcat will be active, for example if you go to this page:, you will see that hotcat is disapear, try to add [[تصنيف:قرى]] to the end of the page (manually), you will see that hotcat is active again, in past hotcat was active on all pages in wikipedia.

The component "Gadgets" on bugzilla is only to report bugs against the php part, not to report bugs or problems with local gadgets itself. With the last software update many globals and functions gets deprecated and does not return the previous value. Maybe there is the problem.

For javascript gadget it is also possible, that another javascript error is blocking the execution of the gadget. Check the error console of the browser to find these.

HotCat is a gadget which exists on many wikis, have a look at en.wp or look at commons to find another version.

Using Firefox' "Browser Console" on (the best first step to find out about such issues), I get

[18:40:05.850] TypeError: container is null @

That line is:

var navitem = container.querySelector(".tabs ul li");

So it looks like

var container = document.getElementById("tabContainer");

already fails.

Anyway, this is custom on-wiki stuff that needs to be fixed on-wiki, and out of scope for this Bugzilla.