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make-release doesn't include the correct extension branch
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I've been working around this by manually checking out the correct branch in my local versions of the extension repos, but it bit me today.

Can we have the script do this automatically?

Version: wmf-deployment
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Extensions branches being REL1_20 REL1_21 .. Aka based on MediaWiki major version I believe. Should be possible by iterating over each of the git sub directories.

Looking at it again, that is a serious issue :/

I use --git-root to point the script to my local repositories. make-release ends up using their current HEAD which might be severely outdated. at least update the local repositories. Would have to clone them using --mirror to keep the remote branches in.

As for the branch, the version decomposer abuse the term 'branch' when it is really a tag or major version. I would clean that up and make sure 'branch' point to some 'REL_**' or 'master'. That is not trivial though.

Once we know which REL_ is being processed we can clone the extension using it.

Change 96016 had a related patch set uploaded by Hashar:
make-release: unit tests for MwVersion

Change 96038 had a related patch set uploaded by Hashar:
make-release: enhance MwVersion

The changes above clean up MwVersion which we can later improve to forge REL#_##|master branches.

Change 96016 merged by jenkins-bot:
make-release: unit tests for MwVersion

Change 96038 merged by jenkins-bot:
make-release: enhance MwVersion

[Resetting status as there are no patches left here to merge.]

Wasn't this working ok @csteipp when we did the release the other day?