VisualEditor: First character added to a blank dialog entry box (reference or caption) is mis-placed and never makes it into DM in Firefox
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With Vector in FF.
Try to add a caption to an image:
the words will be splitted on multiple lines, with the first letter being automatically placed on the second line, the other letters on the first one, and no ability to fix this.

I understand that is coming but I thought I'd file this anyway.

Version: unspecified
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Elitre created this task.Nov 18 2013, 9:59 PM

This is probably specific to Firefox. I'm able to replicate this in Firefox 25 on a Mac, but not Safari 6.

This was fixed last week as part of our fix-up of how windows works, happily (or, at least, I think so – I can replicate on enwiki but not on

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