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Saving to existing page from Special:FormEdit doesn't explain why it fails
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(I'm sorry if this is a feature, but I'm confused enough to think it's a bug...)

When saving a form that

  1. has no target pagename in the URL,
  2. uses the 'page name' parameter of {{{info}}},
  3. results in attempting to edit a page that already exists,

I get a message such as "Modifying [[Test_One]] failed."

Is it possible to overrule this and demand that the page be saved, with the new values, nonetheless?

For example, this form:

{{{info|page name=Test <Test[Type]>}}}
{{{for template|Test}}}

  • Title: {{{field|Title}}}
  • Type: {{{field|Type|input type=dropdown|values=One,Two,Three}}}

{{{end template}}}

When 'One' is selected for Type, and [[Test One]] already exists, will display the above error.

Forgive me if I've missed the relevant documentation.

(Oh, this is with version 2.6 9bb8e4c.)

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Severity: normal



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I just tried this out, and it works fine for me. What version of MediaWiki are you using? And I don't know if you're using the very latest version of SF, but if you have Git, try upgrading just for the heck of it.

MediaWiki 1.21.2 (404e36a), SMW (6ed064d), and SF is the latest from Git, ef10534 (commit date Tue Nov 19). So I must be doing something wrong! :-)

Sorry to be a bother, but can I just confirm that the form above works for you when:

  • edited at Special:FormEdit/Test
  • the Test_One page already exists
  • Type is set to 'One'


I keep getting the "Modifying Test_One failed." error. :-(

It works perfectly the first time, to create the page initially, but then subsequent attempts (which I assumed would be able to edit the page) do not work.

The reason for not editing via Special:FormEdit/Test/Test_One is that I don't want to have to know the page name before entering.

Re-assigning to Stephan - I still can't reproduce the bug, but Stephan, maybe you know more about this than I do.

Yaron_Koren added a subscriber: Yaron_Koren.

I'm guessing that this has been resolved - feel free to re-open if not.