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Redirects to meta don't work properly
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Author: p_simoons

[[Wikipedia:Censorship]] redirects to [[m:Censorship]].

However, when going to Wikipedia:Censorship, I end up at a page named
"m:Censorship" that contains the encyclopedia article "Censorship" from
articlespace, and when clicking on the edit link I end up editing the
corresponding page on meta.

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gangleri wrote:


and ask the contributors why they made the redirect there.

As far as I know meta is the only interwiki prefix which
a) is allowed as a second chained interwiki prefix
see / find [[hi:m:user:Gangleri]] at [[wiktionary:yi:user:Gangleri]]
b) can be used as a redirect

If you do not agree with this you may open a new bug report.

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

Tracking this down, probably a bug in the new parser cache use for redirects.

Actually a somewhat older change it looks like. Fixed; now shows the ugly
redirect marker with a link to the proper page.