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Beta labs is experiencing technical difficulties (due to OAuth deployment?)
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Visiting the above link gives:

(Cannot contact the database server: Unknown database 'mediawikiwiki' (

Note how it says mediawikiwiki on commons.

Many browser tests are breaking.

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Looks like it is fixed now. Reopen if you can still reproduce it.

The site blows up if you are logged in.

There is no mediawikiwiki database. Might be some feature relying the mediawikiwiki database for some reason.

From debug /data/project/web.log :

commonswiki-d5a1fa96: 3.0659 19.0M User: loading options for user 819 from override cache.
commonswiki-d5a1fa96: 3.1176 19.8M DB connection error
commonswiki-d5a1fa96: 3.1217 19.8M LoadBalancer::openForeignConnection: error opening connection for 0/mediawikiwiki
commonswiki-d5a1fa96: 3.1247 19.8M [memcached] set(commonswiki:session:f75f11b66ae8143c9e5b6cf3860bb4e5)

No clue what is causing it :/

Seems to be OAuth:

$wgMWOAuthCentralWiki = 'mediawikiwiki';

Got enabled by I92f8d6176869ecd7d6ff4798f4786e570af49566 for bug 55679.

We might want to use labswiki instead.

Change 97079 had a related patch set uploaded by Hashar:
beta: $wgMWOAuthCentralWiki = 'labswiki'

Change 97079 merged by jenkins-bot:
beta: $wgMWOAuthCentralWiki = 'labswiki'

Created attachment 13886
labswiki update.php output

Updated the wiki:

mwdeploy@deployment-bastion:~$ mwscript update.php --wiki=labswiki --quick


bug 59141 request to switch metawiki.

bug 59141 requests to switch from labswiki to metawiki to match the future of production.