VisualEditor: <visualeditor-dialog-beta-welcome-content> does not mention new switch to wikicode feature
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Author: raincity471

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bzimport created this task.Nov 22 2013, 1:12 PM

raincity471 wrote:

A new feature has been added to VisualEditor which allows editors to switch from VE to wikitext editing without losing their changes (see Bug 50687). The VE intro dialogue (shown to users the first time they open VE) still says you may switch from VE to "edit source" using the tab at the top and that changes will be lost. The new feature should be mentioned, maybe something like:

"You can keep using the wikitext editor by clicking the options button (three horizontal lines next to the cancel button) in the top-right corner and then "switch to source editing". Unsaved changes will not be lost."

raincity471 wrote:

Screenshot of the intro screen with affected sentence highlighted

Outdated sentence circled in red.
Screenshot saved ‎22 ‎November ‎2013, ‏‎13:37:15 (UTC) after a bit of editing in the GIMP. VE beta 0.1.0 running MediaWiki 1.23wmf4 (c066033), Firefox 25.0 in private mode (so no copyright problems with addons).
Firefox 25 is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. VisualEditor is licensed under the Massachusetts Institute of Technology license. MediaWiki is licensed under the GNU GPL version 2 or later.


I'm not sure it's worth trying to explain this minor and not-hugely-useful feature. I think it would just add to the confusion.

Remember that this is the first ever interface users will see when using VisualEditor – it's important that we don't over-load them with too much information, or that we drown out the important information for them to learn by hiding it amongst a sea of less-important and un-important information.


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