VisualEditor: Please add a shortcut for adding a reference to a page (?which?)
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Add a reference

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Took hands off the keyboard.
  2. Grabbed mouse.
  3. Clicked "More" menu.
  4. Scrolled down.
  5. Clicked on "Reference".

Actual Results:
Works as designed.

Expected Results:
That it would work better than as designed: Leave hands on keyboard, press a couple of keys, and have the reference dialog pop open.

Reproducible: Always

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement


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What would you suggest as the shortcut?

Let's avoid symbols not available on non-English keyboards for a start, like backslash :p

My first choice is ctrl-alt-r, which unfortunately is in use as a shortcut to open Special:RecentChanges, and command-R is in use by the browsers to reload pages.

I'll personally use this enough that I'll be able to get used to just about anything. Maybe ctrl-alt-1, if you want this to work across multiple languages? Adding citations has "number one" importance to many Wikipedia editors.