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Split privacy policy message into link and display text
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On Siebrand (rightly) recommends that the message is split into link and link text.

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Should I make them two messages as in "one that says 'privacy policy' and another that is the URL" or should I make them two messages as in "one that is [[{{ns:Project}}:Privacy policy|{{1}}]] and one that is 'privacy policy'"? Because the latter sounds lego-y, and the former seems like it could go wrong very quickly (i.e. there's no sane default, because I can't very well make {{ns:Project}}:Privacy policy into a URL without special-casing the default somehow, and I don't like the sound of that)

At this point, a possibility is just to make the message [ {{int:Privacy}}].

Note, core does:

242:    "privacy": "Privacy policy",
243:    "privacypage": "Project:Privacy policy",
972:            return $this->footerLink( 'privacy', 'privacypage' );

Which allows to reuse the link.

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Also, T64686 is to get rid of this message and replace it, potentially, with a link to the app's privacy policy, if we know what it is. So whatever way makes that easy in the long run.

@csteipp well, in that case, we'd need to support arbitrary URLs, which are presumably redirected to per-language versions on the other end. So I guess I'll use privacypage, make it into a URL, and use that, along with the existing privacy message.

Easy enough, right?

Actually, as a matter of fact, the helpful skin class has a privacyLink method that I'll use instead. Brilliant.

If we implement per-app ones later, we can handle that specially.

Change 203996 had a related patch set uploaded (by MarkTraceur):
Use skin-wise privacy link method

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Use skin-wise privacy link method

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