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If the initial selection is a node (i.e. the document only contains nodes, no text), select the first node and display its context menu
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Edit".

The first image is automatically selected, and its four corners are replaced with image resizing icons, but "Media" image editing icon is not shown. I expected that the image would not be selected, or if selected that image editing icon is shown.

  1. Click on the second image.
  2. Click again on the first image. Now the image editing icon should be shown.
  3. Click on the image editing icon.
  4. Click on the word "frame". Link editing icon should be shown.
  5. Click on the link editing icon.
  6. Enter "Beehive frame" (without quotes) in the text box.
  7. Click on "Apply changes".
  8. Click on "Save page". "Save your changes" dialogue appears.
  9. Click on "Save page" in the new dialogue.

The VisualEditor displays "Your changes to Wax foundation have been saved.", but nothing has actually been saved.

Now, I see three bugs here:

  1. The first image should not be selected automatically.
  2. Possibly I have to do something after entering the link target in order for the target to be "applied" to the image caption? But I don't see what it is that I should do.
  3. The editor shouldn't display "changes have been saved" message when there are no changes to be saved; doing so prevents the people from knowing that what they did was not saved, regardless of whether there was an error on their part or on the VisualEditor part.

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I'll leave the first question to others, for the other ones:

  1. You need to make sure that you select the word you want (then you click on it, press Enter, whatever). Try and review your changes before you save: is it there now? If it is, you should be able to save and your edit should stay in the page history. If it isn't, please let us know the browser (and its version) and Wikipedia skin you use.
  2. I experienced something similar back in July: .

1.1) I believe the image should not be selected, but I understand people might have different opinion about it.

1.2) But if the image is selected, then the icon must be shown as well. I see this as an obvious bug.

OK, it appears that in order for the link to be applied, I have to click on < icon in the top left corner of the link editing box; or, I have to press Enter twice; or, click in the text editing box and then in the space below it(?).

To me, and I believe other editors, this is very unintuitive. Perhaps < icon could be changed to ✓ - I see < as signifying 'Undo' rather than 'Apply'. Perhaps "Apply changes" should be ghosted when there are no chages to apply. But even with these changes I don't see how I could intuitively know what I should do.

The "Review your changes" button shows correctly whether I have any changes.

We now try to select the nearest content branch, so this bug is only reproduceable if the document consists of just an image.

  • Bug 62650 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Jdforrester-WMF renamed this task from VisualEditor: If the initial selection is a node (i.e. the document only contains nodes, no text), show the appropriate inspector icon to If the initial selection is a node (i.e. the document only contains nodes, no text), select the first node and display its context menu.Apr 20 2015, 7:56 PM
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(Confirmed still an issue.)