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browsertests: triggers for MobileFrontend
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The browser tests for MobileFrontend should be triggered by Gerrit just like it is going to be the case for ULS (T54120) or VisualEditor (T55691).

The tests need to be carefully filtered out since they are expecting content or behavior which are not to be found on a freshly installed wiki.


  • Zeljkof our Selenium Guru
  • Arthur our Mobile scrum master

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement
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Change 97497 had a related patch set uploaded by Hashar:
browsertests: profile for default settings

Most of the tests do not work against a freshly installed wiki. Either because of Watir timeout or because the test is expecting something which is only on some specific wiki.

The features definition need a bunch of improvements before we can trigger the tests from Gerrit.

Patchset 9 of pass on a fresh wiki with mobilefrontend having no specific configuration. That is done by ignoring any scenario relying on a specific feature/setting on the target wiki.

Change 97497 abandoned by Hashar:
QA: profile for default settings

Indeed those preferences have been moved elsewhere (mediawiki selenium gem).

Adding Dan to this bug as his work on MF tests in Vagrant will probably inform some of this.

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We do not have the capacity yet to had browser tests on patchset proposals. The VE (T55691) and ULS (T54120) jobs have been removed because they were too slow and ill conceived.

We will revisit it when we have improved the browser test speed (ex: T92613: It takes about 20 seconds just to start a Sauce Labs browser) and most importantly the CI isolation project which will provide us fresh VM to install all of what we need ensuring a clean environment.

I guess when we are ready we will poke the parent task T55697: [EPIC] trigger browser tests from Gerrit (tracking).

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Reflecting the true state.