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Proofread Page background colour page status indicator not shown on Android/Google Chrome
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When a Wikisource index: page is viewed on mobile, the background colours for each page are not displayed. As a result there are no visual indicators for what stage each page is at (proofread: yellow / validated: green / problematic: blue / raw OCR: red).

Tested on Android/Chrome (Samsung Note) and Android/'Internet' app (Samsung Galaxy Tab).

There is a visual distinction between 'has a page' (blue foreground colour) and 'does not have a page' (black foreground colour)

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
Platform: Smartphone



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This issue is already fixed (Change If437fbb162303ca3ca90f815a5b0c323a238e36e) and will be deployed on Wikisource next Monday.

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