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rsvg large stderr cause a PHP memory exhaustion
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I have spotted on the Wikimedia cluster a SVG image that cause RSVG to generate roughly 125MB of stderr output.

In includes/media/SVG.php we log that error using something like:

wfDebugLog( 'thumbnails', trim($stderr) );

trim() thus returns a copy of $stderr (aka roughly 125MB) which can't be allocated by PHP under its max memory constraint. That result in a fatal error and no log at all.

Which should probably substr() the $stderr before handling it. No point in logging the full error IMHO.

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Change 99142 had a related patch set uploaded by Hashar:
generalize BitmapHandler::logErrorForExternalProcess

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media: limit size of stderr being logged

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generalize BitmapHandler::logErrorForExternalProcess

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media: limit size of stderr being logged

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