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Hide the sidebar for anonymous browsers on
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Author: samballard99

Hey there,

I'm on the design team for the Wikimania 2014 wiki ( and require an edit in the php to make the sidebar hidden from anonymous browsers. The instructions for which can be found here;

Thanks very much

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement
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Sorry, I think this is a wontfix. The maintenance burden/overhead of an additional MediaWiki extension is not nearly matched by the functionality provided.

Plus that extension in particular would take more work to get into shape for deployment to a Wikimedia wiki than it would take to simply rewrite.

And, broadly, implementing this feature request (no sidebar for anons, sidebar for logged-in users) in an extension is probably the wrong approach: you can do this with site-wide CSS or JavaScript. If you need help, you can post to [[m:tech]].

This bug prompted bug 47812 to be fixed. I'm grateful for that.