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Unify Parsoid testing with a single top-level test.js script
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(This is a continuation of the work done for bug #56590)

Right now Parsoid has two main testing scripts:

  • roundtrip-test.js makes a single round-trip test for a page. It's also used by the round-trip testing client.
  • parserTests.js runs the parsing unit-tests described in parserTests.txt.

There are also some testing utilities in tests/, like parse.js.

It'd be good to provide a top-level test.js that made a few round-trip tests, the unit testing, and any other tests we'd add (like HTTP API tests), both for local use and as a single entry point for CI.

This could be implemented using a node.js testing framework like Mocha ( to make it easier to add new tests.

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This script should also take care of setting up the environment for testing, like starting a local Parsoid server or a mock MW API if needed, instead of doing it in each script.

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npm test seems to do it.