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Undefined variable: noFollow in /includes/installer/LocalSettingsGenerator.php on line 368
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[0] produces the following stack trace [1] on Travis-CI when testing against MW master. I do wonder what happens with MW's unit tests.


PHP Notice: Undefined variable: noFollow in /home/travis/build/SemanticMediaWiki/phase3/includes/installer/LocalSettingsGenerator.php on line 368
PHP Stack trace:
PHP 1. {main}() /home/travis/build/SemanticMediaWiki/phase3/maintenance/install.php:0
PHP 2. require_once() /home/travis/build/SemanticMediaWiki/phase3/maintenance/install.php:133
PHP 3. CommandLineInstaller->execute() /home/travis/build/SemanticMediaWiki/phase3/maintenance/doMaintenance.php:113
PHP 4. CliInstaller->writeConfigurationFile() /home/travis/build/SemanticMediaWiki/phase3/maintenance/install.php:120
PHP 5. LocalSettingsGenerator->writeFile() /home/travis/build/SemanticMediaWiki/phase3/includes/installer/CliInstaller.php:136
PHP 6. LocalSettingsGenerator->getText() /home/travis/build/SemanticMediaWiki/phase3/includes/installer/LocalSettingsGenerator.php:163
PHP 7. LocalSettingsGenerator->getDefaultText() /home/travis/build/SemanticMediaWiki/phase3/includes/installer/LocalSettingsGenerator.php:137

[0] git clone phase3 --depth 1


Version: 1.23.0
Severity: normal



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mwjames created this task.Dec 5 2013, 6:39 PM

Caused by gerrit 95755, because the init of the variable is inside a if and maybe not processed.

Change 99654 had a related patch set uploaded by leucosticte:
Move init of $noFollow outside of if

Change 99654 merged by jenkins-bot:
Move init of $noFollow outside of if

successfully merged

Should now be fixed on master.

As far as I can tell, the change that caused this issue is not in 1.22, so the fix does not need to be backported.