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it.wikinews : request for $wgAbuseFilterAvailableActions[] = 'block'
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it.wikinews : request for $wgAbuseFilterAvailableActions[] = 'block'

Please, in wmf-config/abusefilter.php



// Custom permissions
switch ( $wgDBname ) {

could you add a case for it.wikinews

case 'itwikinews':
    $wgAbuseFilterAvailableActions[] = 'block';
    $wgAbuseFilterBlockDuration = '24 hours';

We don't have 24/24 surveillance and so --without the automatic block-- a stubborn spammer can too easily try to cheat a filter.

We have discussed the issue in

we were only me and a global sysop. If more consensus is needed, maybe I can try to gain it via a discussion in a more general venue -- it will not be a crowd anyway :-) we're just a few active editors and the issue is way too technical for the average editor.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement



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Yes, please try to get a few more editors comment on this, two people agreeing on this particular issue (which is considered quite controversial for some) is definitely too few. Thanks in advance :-)

Ok. I've opened a new discussion at the Bar -- our Village pump.

I'll post again here when a clear consensus will emerge there or the discussion anyhow is ended.

Thanks for your quick reply.

The discussion in

is now stalling. We have 8 supporting comments --myself included-- and no one opposing.

Last comment was posted on 13-dec-2013 and --I think-- no more are likely to come within one or two weeks. The discussion was linked in project's home-page and advertised by a MassMessage sent to all 7 sysops and to 10 more users, the ones in Special:Activeusers with 4 or more edits, excluded bots and users with only interwiki or user-space edits.

I think we have more or less reached the full consensus allowed by the project's small amount of editing.

Suggestions are welcome -- if you have any to share.

Thanks for your attention.

Change 102728 had a related patch set uploaded by Odder:
Enable AbuseFilter block option on itwikinews

Change 102728 merged by jenkins-bot:
Enable AbuseFilter block option on itwikinews