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Please upload WikiCon videos on Commons
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Please upload these video file to Wikimedia Commons:

There are ten video files (webm) with corresponding txt files having the wikicode for the description pages.


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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 22 2014, 2:30 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz58155.

I have started a process to download the files from

It is running on tin.eqiad.wmnet in a screen. Files being written to /home/hashar/bug58155

Whenever that is complete, we can process with the actual import.

FINISHED --2013-12-12 13:54:08--
Downloaded: 22 files, 15G in 4h 12m 45s (1008 KB/s)

Now I have to get them uploaded on commons :-D

Uploading files using the command mentioned at


hashar@tin:~/bug58155$ sudo -u apache mwscript importImages.php --wiki=commonswiki --comment-ext=txt --user=80686 /home/hashar/bug58155

Still on a screen on tin.eqiad.wmnet.

All files have been successfully uploaded on commons with user '80686':

hashar@tin:~/bug58155$ sudo -u apache mwscript importImages.php --wiki=commonswiki --comment-ext=txt --user=80686 /home/hashar/bug58155
Import Images

Importing 2013-11-24 Dr Milhüüser Tràm.webm...done.
Importing 2013-11-23 Inspiration! Die coolsten Projekte des Wikimedia-Universums.webm...done.
Importing 2013-11-24 10 Jahre Alemannische Wikipedia.webm...done.
Importing 2013-11-22 Ein Entzücklopädischer Abend.webm...done.
Importing 2013-11-24 Preisverleihung Alemannischer Schreibwettbewerb.webm...done.
Importing 2013-11-23 Achtung kompliziert! (Konfliktlösungen).webm...done.
Importing 2013-11-23 Fossilien, Forschung und Fakten.webm...done.
Importing 2013-11-23 Wessen Neutralität?.webm...done.
Importing 2013-11-23 It's all on Meta - Beteiligung in der internationalen Wikimedia-Welt.webm...done.
Importing 2013-11-22 Ein Entzücklopädischer Abend (GEMA-frei).webm...done.

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