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changes to ordering don't persist under certain condition
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When I change a statement and at the same time change its sort order then the sort order change is not saved. (Needs a page reload to see sort order going back to previous state.)

Version: master
Severity: major
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After further investigation with Henning we found out that the issue is a bit different. The ordering change does not seem to get saved when moving down - only up. Editing at the same time doesn't seem to make a difference.

I can reproduce this locally. Very strange. I will take and try to fix this one since it's very confusing and can act as a blocker for certain users. I have the feeling this could be caused be a single line, possibly a single character misplaced or missing. The problem is, as usual, to find that character. ;-)

Please talk to Henning or Tobi about this quickly before spending time on it. I'm not sure if there is a fundamental issue that can't easily be fixed.

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