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Vector: Images wider than page width "stick out" on Apple's mobile devices
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Author: nemesus

Hello. After updating to 1.22.0 Vector is part of core. Alright, I deactivated Vecor Extension.

I tested my wiki under Miscrosoft vista und Win 8.1 using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explora and Mozilla. Perfect view.

But using my mobile devices (Apple iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 and iPad 4 / Safari and Chrome, there is something wrong on wikipages, I created.

This page looks great using mobile devices:

But this page for example doesn´t:

Please try the wikipages on pc and mobile devices to get the differences.


P.s.: Deleting all content on my wiki main site and writing something like" This is a test", leads to right view on all devices.

Before updating there wasn´t this problem.

Version: 1.22
Severity: minor
OS: other
Platform: Smartphone



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Wondering if bug 55358 is related but hard to tell without screenshot...

nemesus wrote:

This is a pic fom iPhone 4S. On PC the pic is not lager than theme.


Foto.PNG (960×640 px, 262 KB)

nemesus wrote:

On 4S other wiki sites are shown correctly. (same Wiki)


Foto1.PNG (960×640 px, 99 KB)

nemesus wrote:

Hope you will see the difference.

Well, I'm not sure what you're expecting? You have an image that's wider than page width on these devices, so it "sticks out" over the edge.

I'd say this is the correct behavior, it's also the same on desktop browsers when you zoom in.

nemesus wrote:

In old version, nothing stocked out. The picture is bigger on ios as it is yet. Turning off the picture, the right side of template isn´t on end of scrren. After updating it was.

Seems to be working with 1.24.1. The image stays within the border now. I am on iPad 4th gen running iOS 8.1.3.

Volker_E subscribed.

Seems to have been an issue with certain older webkit releases and a CSS (mis-?)interpretation. Original domain from task description doesn't exist any more, nor has there been any activity in the last 6 years, besides comment above 4.5y ago stating that issue isn't reproducible any more.