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Add domains to $wgCopyUploadsDomains (tracking)
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This is a work-around solution for allowing users to upload large numbers of images via the GLAM Wiki Toolkit.

Each user (institution) that wishes to upload will need to add the domain where the images are available to the allowlist. This allowlist is managed in $wgCopyUploadsDomains.

NOTE: To add a domain to commons allowlist, please create an edit request on page MediaWiki talk:Copyupload-allowed-domains. See also Commons:Upload_tools/wgCopyUploadsDomains.

To request a new addition to the allowlist:

  • click here to create a task
  • In that task add the URL where the files will be available and who is sponsoring the upload and how long it needs to add the domain to the allowlist (short term or on-going).



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Peachey88 subscribed.

I'm boldly resolving this [tracking] task, Most requests should be for Commons additions, which is now handled onwiki, as opposed to needing a config patch being raised.

For the few other projects that untilize this on a ad-hoc fashion, Tasks can still be created, but there no need for a tracking task to track these anymore.