VisualEditor: HTML non-breaking spaces ( ) converted to ",[object Object], ,[object Object],"
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This also affects vertical bars ( | ) as seen at ttps://

Another diff, this time involving a {{nowrap}} template:

This only seems to affect nbsp's that are present in ref names (where they probably oughtn't be anyway).

According to it appears that this happens on HTML codes for things other than non-breaking spaces. #124 is a vertical bar.

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Other example on frwiki

Apparently, the user didn't even modify the chapter where the problem occurs.

Here's another:

This time, the ref name contained a template: <ref name="{{BillboardURLbyName|artist=the national|chart=Billboard 200}}">

Like most of the others, this is probably the result of a sloppy script.

I can't reproduce this in Chrome, Safari, Opera or Firefox. Is it possible that this is a browser plug-in or a very odd browser corruption?

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No steps to reproduce; no-one managed to reproduce; no new known occurrences for nearly a year. Setting status to STALLED.

I'll ask the user who encountered this one:

The reply of that user was "I am using Mozilla Firefox on a Dell Inspiron One desktop computer."

Last report a year ago; presumably this was a Parsoid issue that was since fixed?