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Implement new mediawiki.ui button appearance in core
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There is a new in-progress design/UX for the mediawiki.ui buttons: . This includes a new appearance and different CSS class names (see and

These updated styles and class names need to be implemented in core. This blocks bug 54360, but can be done before bigger parts of that (e.g. mediawiki.ui dialogs).

Version: 1.23.0
Severity: normal



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We should also do an audit of where Primary should be Constructive and where is should be Progressive. Ideally we'd flip the switch on first and make changes there so they'll be correct when they go to wikipedia. Should this be a separate bug?

We can reuse , since it's basically the same thing (albeit started before the new class names were developed).

I suggest we test on Labs (with that changeset checked out), then roll out with the normal process ( We can set up a new Labs instance if none of the current ones are suitable.

As far as separate bugs, I guess it depends on how we break it up. If we do it all in two commits:

  1. Update core styles and class names and the existing uses in core (there aren't many mw.ui buttons in core, so updating the class names in the HTML is not complicated)
  2. Add mw.ui button classes to the remainder of core.

we should make a separate bug for #2 at some point.

Change 103494 had a related patch set uploaded by JGonera:
[WIP] Update mediawiki.ui button styles

Change 104011 had a related patch set uploaded by Spage:
[WIP] Update login and HTMLForm to new design

Change 103494 merged by jenkins-bot:
Update mediawiki.ui button styles