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opensearch: Querying for "Big" or "Big!" should include "Big" or "Big!" as first suggestion
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The following pages all exist on

  • [[Bird]]
  • [[Big]]
  • [[Big!]]
  • [[Big Ten Conference]]

When querying action=opensearch for:

In the last two, "Big" and "Big!" are nowhere in the response.

Filing against Wikimedia for now, because this seems related to one of our search backends, not plain MediaWiki core or plain MediaWiki core with Extension:TitleKey installed.

This is currently causing issues in VisualEditor when making a link to a page called "Big", or "Big!" as it will think the page doesn't exist and suggest to make a red link, as, thus far, we've always assumed that if a page by the exact title exists, it should be the first suggestion.

It normalising casing and/or special characters is fine, but shouldn't make it not give an exact match as first result.

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I'm pretty sure 'OpenSearchXml' is not the right component. Also, cc-ing search people.

Some good news, at least. Cirrus does what you'd expect. If you have a page named "Big!" and type "Big!" into the search box it'll return Big! as the suggestion.

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This issue is now fixed.