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VisualEditor: CE adds linebreaks when pasting into empty lines
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Steps to reproduce:

1.Open the editor for a page which contains link

2.Copy it.

3.Paste it into a new line

4.Save it

Observed Result:
The link is getting merged on to the end of the previous line

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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Test Environment: betalabs
Browser: Chrome Version 26.0.1410.65
OS: MAC OS X 10. 8. 5
Example Page:

Created attachment 14062


Modification in steps to reproduce:

step 3 :paste it into a newline on another page or VE

Another issue which I think might be related with this, if not I will file separate bug:

Steps to reproduce:

1.Open the editor for a page

2.Copy a text

3.Paste it into another page

4.Copy an image and paste it onto the next line

Observed Result:
The image does not gets pasted in the other VE.

The issue of link getting merged is still reproducible in betalabs:

Modification in steps to reproduce:

1.Open the editor
2.Copy a link or a text
3.Paste it into another VE
4.Observed that the cursor is automatically to the next line though you have not pressed Enter/return
5.Now paste the link or the text again in that position without pressing enter
6.Save the page

Observed Result:
The texts or the links are getting merged in the same line

This latest version of the bug is known issue with CE in Chrome when pasting into a newline.

Change 101905 had a related patch set uploaded by Esanders:
Strip trailing linebreaks on paste due to Chrome bug

Change 101905 merged by jenkins-bot:
Strip trailing linebreaks on paste due to Chrome bug

I am still getting the issue of two links getting merged in one line after pressing enter after pasting the first link:

Works for me in Chrome and Firefox. Please provide detailed instructions if you can reproduce.

Sorry, here are the detailed steps:

1.Create a page "A" with three links in three consecutive lines.
2.Create another page "B" where you will copy these links to.
3.Copy the first and second link to "B"
4.Save it.
5.Reopen the editor.
6.Now copy the third link and paste it to the third line of "B"
7.Save it.

Observed Result:
The second and the third link in page B is getting merged.

Example Pages:


After these steps if you try copying a math function or a link on the third line of Page B , it will also get merged with the two merged links

This is a new bug and something to do with Parsoid and Selser. Filed as bug 58695.

The original issue of this bug has been verified in test 2 with MediaWiki 1.23wmf8
on page:

*The fix for the original issue has been verified in test 2 with mediawiki 1.23wmf8*