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Add --wikidb parameter for sql.php
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Flow uses a cross-wiki database (on the extension1 cluster). We need some way to point maintenance operations at it. Normally you indicate the database (and the version of MediaWiki) using the --wiki=flowdb option, but this fails because "flowdb" is not in wikiversions.cdb, and there are probably other assumptions that the wiki option is more than just database name. A separate --wikidb= option expresses the intent better.

Aaron already wrote the patch, gerrit 100707, we just need to backport it to wmf6 for Flow deployment.

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Change 100909 had a related patch set uploaded by Spage:
Added --wikidb param to sql.php (backport to wmf6)

Change 100909 merged by jenkins-bot:
Added --wikidb param to sql.php (backport to wmf6)

I assume this is FIXED as the patch was merged. If it is not, please reopen and elaborate what more is needed. Thanks!