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general solution to handle overlapping links, reordering of fields on pages caused due to BiDi environments
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Author: gangleri

I hope this is one of the last BiDi issues:

Please look at the links to the "parent pages" at
[[yi:user:Gangleri/tests/TOC_and_sections]]. There the links overlap.

The links should be embeded as:
‫[[באַניצער:Gangleri]]‬ | ‫[[באַניצער:Gangleri/tests|tests]]‬

bug 3922 comment 7 about
bug 3922: links are not properly rendered in a BiDi category list

I suppose this is the most general method to get BiDi issues fixed.

a) at LTR wiki's (where such RTL or BiDi links can occur as well) these should
be embeded as
b) at RTL wiki's these links should be embeded as
This should be done field by field.

*note* A minor isues is caused about MediaWiki messages which are not translated
to the content language. Mainly at RTL wiki's they cause also overlapping links
and unwanted reordering of the fields in a line (as at
[[yi:special:Recentchanges]] etc.)
Embeding all these MediaWiki messages would require a lot of work.
This request is *not* about embeding the MediaWiki messages. Please open another
bug if you see a need for this

Thanks in advance for all your work. best regards [[user:gangleri]]

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Low.Nov 21 2014, 8:57 PM
bzimport set Reference to bz4040.

gangleri wrote:

*** Bug 3922 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

gangleri wrote:

Opened separate bugs for changes to individual (special) pages.

gangleri wrote:

at this moment summaries can be generated to display / render as LTR at a RTL
wiki. Resize your browser window at
in order to see the summary in one line.

While titles (pages, user names etc) should not contain these punctuation
characters (bug 3819) punctuation characters in summaries should be preserved as
long as they occur *balanced* the number of opening and closing matchs and the
order is correct.

Summaries with *balanced* punctuation characters should be embeded as described
in comment 1 *with* the punctuation characters from the summary.
Summaries with *un*balanced punctuation characters should be normalised first.

gangleri wrote:

changed dependencies
bug 4040 blocks bug 4066 and
bug 4066 blocks bug 0745

Bug 6100 which this bug blocks, was resolved. This bug also has open dependencies itself. Are all these issues also resolved (see below)? Please confirm!

  • bug 4040 (self)
  • bug 3922 (dependency)
  • bug 4043 (dependency)
  • bug 4044 (dependency)
  • bug 4045 (dependency)

Putting Amir and Robin on CC, because I'd like some feedback on comment 5.

sumanah wrote:


Can you still reproduce these errors, now that we've improved bidirectional support with the deployment of MediaWiki 1.18?

The problem still exists: see the "< באַניצער:Gangleri | tests" right under the title on

Because "Gangleri" and "tests" is LTR, "|" is neutral, and the rest of the environment is RTL, everything mixes.

We could add some direction marks or <span dir="ltr/rtl">.

I can still reproduce it.
Changed blocking from 745, because it's more general.
Changing the title to make it clearer.
Assigning to myself.

Changing the test URL, because Gangleri's username was changed. With an LTR username like mine, the bug can be easily reproduced.

Restored title, my misunderstanding.

A nice *general* solution would be to use Unicode isolation HTML5/CSS3 tricks, although that wouldn't work on IE (not even IE 10).