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wbgetentities should include statement edit metadata as well
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This also applies to other information (info, sitelinks, aliases, labels, descriptions) but especially claims are difficult to judge without metadata which should include:

timestamp of creation (when was the claim added/edited on Wikidata)
author (who added this claim to Wikidata).

References are great but if one cannot easily check who added a claim with reference, their value is limited. Note that just having the full revision history of an item or the latest revision is no usable information because most edits only modify a part of the item. There should be a flag to wbgetentities to extract the latest edit that modified each of the claims.

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I created WikidataTrust more than 2 years ago, and I still find it very useful.
Recently I've been thinking about making it a service on Tool Labs, but it'd become much more used and it would likely not improve in regard to efficiency, at least without help on the Wikibase side.

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From the technical side: Can we do this in a scalable way?

A dedicated database could also help tracking sitelinks being moved to different items, which has been almost impossible since Wikidata's birth.

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We can't solve this in a scalable way and no progress has been made in the last 2 years so I feel we have to close this.