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WikiEditor: Extra buttons are confusing: "Publish" and "Save changes"
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Author: omid_h28

Extra Buttons

When Wikieditor is installed, There is two buttons to Publish the post, Two buttons to cancel it and two fields to declare edit summary.

To avoid confusion, It is better to remove the old buttons while WikiEditor is installed.

Version: master
Severity: normal
See also: T90864: Help VisualEditor users find the wikitext "Save" button


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omid_h28 wrote:



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That "Publish" feature seems totally undocumented, save for this comment in WikiEditor.php:

// Adds a button and dialog for step-by-step publishing

I can't imagine why anyone would use it.

When you click Publish, the dialog that comes up is supposed to copy the settings from the main "Edit summary", "Minor edit", and "Watch this page" controls [1]. But this doesn't appear to work correctly.


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Declining this task, as we have just now dropped the never-finished "Labs" publish and preview features from WikiEditor (and they will be removed from REL1_31 onwards).