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Math creates FSFileBackend in deprecated parameters
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Deprecated: Use of FileBackend::construct called without "wikiID". was
deprecated in MediaWiki 1.23. [Called from FileBackendStore::
construct in
/var/www/w/git/includes/filebackend/FileBackendStore.php at line 68] in
/var/www/w/git/includes/debug/Debug.php on line 301

Deprecated: Use of FileBackend::construct called with non-object
"lockManager". was deprecated in MediaWiki 1.23. [Called from
construct in
/var/www/w/git/includes/filebackend/FileBackendStore.php at line 68] in
/var/www/w/git/includes/debug/Debug.php on line 301

Possibly a good gci bug. Needs to change getBackend(), so that the default
config doesn't create a new FSFileBackend object without specifying wikiID and
a lockManager. The appropriate values are probably just wfWikiId() and new
NullLockManager( array() ) respectively.

Version: unspecified
Severity: minor



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mails2vichu wrote:

I was not able to clone the repository Math.git by git clone method.
It says

Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

Is there any altrenative way to clone the repository ?

That can happen when cloning over ssh, and:
*You haven't added your ssh key to gerrit
*You didn't specify a username in the ssh url, and your git username is different from your local login name. If that happens try
git clone ssh://
*You don't have ssh key agent thingy set up properly (This is more likely to happen on windows where all sorts of weird hoops are required to make ssh work)

Vishnu: Please discuss generic development issues (which are not specific to this bug report) in a more generic place, e.g. on IRC or the talk page of . Thanks!

mails2vichu wrote:

Andre Klapper: I already worked on this and with Bawolff's help i was able to edit the page.And i edited the file MathTexvc.php as per the instructions and changed the getbackend(). But the problem occured when i tried to push the branch into gerrit.
I was not able to run the command git review -s/-R/ anything because it says permission denied or could not connect to gerrit.I wish you could figure it out.

physik wrote:

Vishnu: For me the IRC channel MediaWiki-General ( was helpful to learn how to use git (for mediawiki development).
I think the extension math should move away from storing files. Math 2.0 does not need to access the filesystem at all. Unfortunately there is a review bottleneck for the Math extension.
So all comments on Math 2.0 ( are most welcome.