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Special:IndexPages returns pages in the main namespace
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Special:IndexPages returns pages in the main namespace:

The 2 first resultats are:
which are not in the Index namespace.

Regards, Yann

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Observed the same on fr.wikisource. Don't see anything like that happening on en.wikisource however.

This might actually be a search bug...

GOIII added a subscriber: GOIII.Dec 12 2014, 3:06 AM

Worth mentioning...
both of the listed main-space works were moved from the Index: namespace to the main namespace at some point.

The latter retained a redirect from the Index: namespace; the redirect for the other one was deleted around the same time it was moved.

Don't know if this means anything but figure its worth documenting at the least.

Tpt added a comment.Mar 25 2015, 1:34 PM

The root issue is, I believe, that the search engine returns these pages even if there is a filter on the index namespace. So I add the seach engine project to this issue.

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GOIII added a comment.Jul 10 2015, 4:40 AM

Well the Search project was removed since the last visit; so much for an answer coming from there.

For the sake of possible closure - can't someone with admin rights just re-create those 2 pages in question with similar titles, delete the existing ones and then move them over the deleted ones without importing any of the prior history (or something just as intuitive that will cause a similar [re]inventory & [re]listing)?

That's not really an answer for why this happened -- I know -- but I'm pretty sure its something that can no longer be replicated nowadays thanks to all the changes to the code & the extension since those 2 bad guys came into the main namespace.

Yann added a comment.Jul 10 2015, 9:01 AM

Effectively, deleting and recreating these pages fixed this issue.

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