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Add user_ip fields to multiple flow tables on wmf's extension1db
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Short description:

The current *_user_text fields are being replaced with nullable *_user_ip fields containing the user_ip only for anonymous users. This first half of the schema update adds the *_user_ip fields.

Which wikis are affected:

test, test2, and mediawiki. But the changes are only to tables
on the extension1 cluster's flowdb.

Which tables:


What is the change to those tables:

ALTER TABLE /*_*/flow_workflow ADD workflow_user_ip varbinary(39) default null;
ALTER TABLE /*_*/flow_tree_revision ADD tree_orig_user_ip varbinary(39) default null;

ALTER TABLE /*_*/flow_revision

ADD rev_user_ip varbinary(39) default null,
ADD rev_mod_user_ip varbinary(39) default null,
ADD rev_edit_user_ip varbinary(39) default null;

Links to gerrit changes and/or other related bug reports.

These new columns are not queried directly, only selected as part of other queries. They are 39 bytes to hold either ipv4 or ipv6 addresses formatted as strings, same as they are displayed in the interface. They are superseding the current *_user_text fields which will be dropped from the table after migrations have run.

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Severity: normal



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Schema changes done.